WeCodeKC introduces coding for kids through project-based or game development learning.

Our students begin their tech journey using Scratch, which is block-based coding, and gradually increase their skill levels to writing their own code in JavaScript and Python.

WeCodeKC also introduces various other technology concepts including Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, and more!

Get your child into tech.

By the time their journey across the coding universe is complete, they will have acquired many of the skills necessary to be successful in their real-life journey in this field. They will have also gained other skills and lessons that will be applicable throughout many other areas of their lives.

Start your Career in tech

In partnership with the State of Missouri Workforce Department, We Code is excited to bring a free certification program to Missouri residents.

For people ages of 16 - 35 and that are interested starting a career in technology. Complete the form below and one of our representatives will be in touch with you within 48 hours. Thanks and we look forward to having you volunteer for us!