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WeCode/KC is committed to helping Kansas City's youth and young adults develop their skills and knowledge to prepare for a career in technology. Our classes and clubs below are designed for various age groups and skill levels.
Our adult programs include wrap-around services and mentorships with professionals and business owners to further assist in the full-scope of skill-building and knowledge development that is needed for a career in the field of technology

Spring Into Code with WeCode KC: Build It. Play It. Gaming for the future!

WeCode KC’s Spring into Code is a week-long program that introduces area students to technology concepts and various software languages. Students will meet at 5008 Prospect Ave, from 5pm to 7pm every night of the week to work on creating their games! This year our classes will focus on the concept of building and playing video games. Students aged 7-11 will use Roblox Studio to build a 3D city for gaming; and students aged 12-17 will build tabletop arcade consoles and program them with a Raspberry Pi-based programming language.